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Remote Posture Evaluation from your Phone


At Compass we believe that proper sitting is extremely important for health and preventing neck and back pain.  This is why we teach each and everyone how to sit properly on their second day in our office. We have felt limited in our ability to help our patients truly sit properly because we are not [...]

Winter Workout – Making the Best of the Weather


Over the last month I can't tell you the number of times that I have heard the phrase "I'm done with it!"  The "it" being winter. It is hard to have a good attitude about the 11th coldest winter in history and the highest snowfall (according to WISH TV) , but there is nothing we [...]

Is Chocolate Realy Healthy for You?


We all love to hear about studies that validate the health benefits of our favorite vices, especially this time of year when our favorite temptations are at every turn.  If your Christmas list includes lots of chocolate this year, you might be interested to find out that there are some studies that have found specific [...]

86 Year Old Gymnast – Truly Amazing


I can tell you that I've heard this phrase "I'm moving like an old woman" uttered on my adjusting tables more than once, but this 86 year old German gymnast challenges the idea that we have to move slower as we age. I have thought of health in many different ways throughout my life. Now [...]

Why Are We Sick – by Dr. James Chestnut


Balancing Health, Relationships, and Money by Dorinda Pena


In my previous article (found here), I began to explain a resource that has been helpful to me. It is a wheel that allows you to visually see the different of areas of your life charted out according to how much of your time and energy you put toward developing those areas. After creating your [...]

Barriers to Weight Loss


I just typed “How to lose weight” into Google and instantly I received 76.5 million results. Seeing that millions of people are trying to lose weight at any given time, there have to be some commonalities within our culture that are barriers to losing weight and maintaining that loss. I’ve identified a few of those [...]

A Balanced Wheel – by Dorinda Pena


Every few months I like to take a personal inventory of how I am doing in varies areas of my life.  Heavy stuff,  I know.  But several years ago I was given a simple tool to make this journey easier... the wheel.  Whenever you go on a road trip of any kind, it's always best to [...]

Vanity Sizing – Super Sizing Our Clothes


I have a confession… I don’t really enjoy shopping. Maybe it’s because I don’t like seeing my paycheck disappear. Or maybe it’s because I get tired, impatient, and hungry before finding any good deals. Or maybe it’s draining for me because I have to try on armfuls of the same garment in a variety of [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Basmati and Vegetable Soup


Basmati rice is most noted for its aroma and delicate flavor. It is a long-grain rice, available in both brown or white, and is typically grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. The cooked rice is drier and fluffy as opposed to sticky and therefore shouldn’t clump in the soup. Brown basmati has more fiber [...]

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