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How Chiropractic Care Helps Rehab Ankle Injuries


An ankle can be injured as glamorously as falling off a $400 platform stiletto heel, stepping off a Parisian curb, or as mundanely as tripping over a toy truck, or falling over a rock on your way to the mailbox. No matter the cause, ankle injuries are painful and problematic, and cause recurring problems if [...]

Welcoming Dr. Drew Hunt to Compass Chiropractic


I was born in Indianapolis and was raised in Broad Ripple and Carmel.  Growing up, my siblings and I played just about every sport but excelled at football, baseball and hockey.  I attended Cathedral High School, where my interest in sports medicine first began. I played football, rugby and baseball and really valued my overall [...]

Have we become too extreme?


Workouts have become so much more intense in recent years and not only for the ultra-fit.  In the past you could consider yourself a runner if you threw on your shoes a few times a week and slogged around the block, now you need at least a couple mini marathons under your belt for this [...]

Baking Soda Increases Athletic Performance…Really?


There are hundreds of sports drinks on the market claiming to increase you athletic performance.  For example, Gatorade tells you that you can be like Mike if you drink their drink.  Most of these claims fall flat, but adding a common kitchen item might not. Scientists at the National Taiwan College of Physical Education conducted [...]

Chiropractic and High School Sports


In recent years the level of competition in high school athletics has dramatically increased and with this new level of competition has come an increase in the number of injuries.  Injuries are not only painful but can be demoralizing causing a negative impact on grades, attitude, health and potential scholarships.  Once an injury has occurred [...]

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