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Snow Shoveling 101


If you are lucky enough to have a snow blower or a cooperative teenage boy in your home, this post is not for you.  If you are like the rest of the Indianapolis residents who experienced the largest snowfall in over a decade and all you have is a plastic snow shovel...this post is for [...]

One Warm Coat – One Free Massage


I'm thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous weather, changing leaves, and begin of a new season, and before we know it, the leaves will be gone, snow will blanket our ground, and there will be talk of holiday greetings. While it is a time filled with Joy for most of us, there unfortunately are many families who [...]

Ground Beef Recalled in Indiana


Ground beef that could be contaminated with with E. coli bacteria has led to the recall of 14,158 pounds of ground beef in 10 states including Indiana. Creekstone Farms Premium Beef located in Arkansas City, Kansas was the distribute of the tainted meat.  The meat with distributed to wholesalers in ten states including Indiana. The [...]

Cleaning Green – Made in Indiana


How clean is your home? You may not have much dirt in your home, but you may have chemicals in your home that are much more harmful. When we think of pollution, we typically think of air pollution outside of our homes created by smoke stacks and burning fossil fuels.  We rarely think of air [...]

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