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Balancing Health, Relationships, and Money by Dorinda Pena


In my previous article (found here), I began to explain a resource that has been helpful to me. It is a wheel that allows you to visually see the different of areas of your life charted out according to how much of your time and energy you put toward developing those areas. After creating your [...]

Barriers to Weight Loss


I just typed “How to lose weight” into Google and instantly I received 76.5 million results. Seeing that millions of people are trying to lose weight at any given time, there have to be some commonalities within our culture that are barriers to losing weight and maintaining that loss. I’ve identified a few of those [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Curry Vegetables & Quinoa


I love making recipes that give me the freedom to pick and choose the combination of vegetables that are in season and that I love to eat. This recipe is vegetarian and a great way to incorporate a your choice of vegetables. I would recommend using those vegetables that are fresh and in season but [...]

Small Steps to Healthy Living


Tell me if this sounds familiar: "Monday morning I'm going to start exercising and eating better!"?  What is your first reaction when you hear a declaration like this?  My first thought is, wow that sounds like a lot of work. Because a statement like "I'm going to exercise and eat better" is open ended it [...]

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