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One Warm Coat – One Free Massage


I'm thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous weather, changing leaves, and begin of a new season, and before we know it, the leaves will be gone, snow will blanket our ground, and there will be talk of holiday greetings. While it is a time filled with Joy for most of us, there unfortunately are many families who [...]

A Balanced Wheel – part 3 – by Dorinda Pena


Now we've seen the importance of connecting with our friends and family, we also need to nurture our time with our closest person....our self! When we take time for to invest in our own health we can better pour ourselves out in the various roles we have in life. Yes, it can seem selfish or [...]

A Balanced Wheel – by Dorinda Pena


Every few months I like to take a personal inventory of how I am doing in varies areas of my life.  Heavy stuff,  I know.  But several years ago I was given a simple tool to make this journey easier... the wheel.  Whenever you go on a road trip of any kind, it's always best to [...]

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