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What Is Cervical Spondylosis & Can Chiropractic Help?


As we age there are certain changes that take place in the body. The spine gets a lot of wear and tear because it is the primary supportive structure that does everything from keeping the head upright, to providing a pathway for neural impulses, to providing mobility. It’s no wonder that there comes a point [...]

How Chiropractors Help Chondromalacia Patellae


Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for many different conditions; some obvious while others are more obscure. Structural issues that affect the knees are often very responsive to chiropractic treatment. In the case of chondromalacia patellae and other knee problems, it has proven to reduce pain and help improve the condition considerably, providing the patient with [...]

How Chiropractic Can Help Patients Who Suffer From Arthritis


How Chiropractic Can Help Patients Who Suffer From Arthritis Even though chiropractic excels in wellness care, it is becoming more common for people to visit chiropractors to treat a variety of different kinds of pain. Because of this, chiropractic adjustments provide many benefits to people and patients who suffer from a wide variety of conditions [...]

Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) for Osteoarthritis


I feel like I have been living under a rock lately.  Some how I have missed all the hype about ASU, which is a supplement used for osteoarthritis (OA).  ASU is an extract from the oils of avocado and soy, which has been shown in studies to decrease pain and regenerate cartilage in patients who [...]

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