What Our Patients Say

  • “You have eliminated my back pain completely”
    by DH, 48
  • “Has dramatically improved my function
    which has helped me with my daily activities”
    by CM, 30
  • “I believe Bryan was born to be a chiropractor
    and relieve people’s pain. He’s been a godsend to me. Thank you, Bryan!”
    by JM 43
  • “Because he listens so well, he realized that I was hunching my right shoulder while I worked. I stopped hunching, the pain improved immediately.”
    by JR, 30
  • “He really empowers the patient and does not just rely on the time that you spend with him, but shows you how to get better and stay better.”
    by EK 32
  • “He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations.”
    by AD 30
  • “Dr. Bingham has provided the most in depth treatment plans, including articles on my ailments and stretching exercises, and at last I have relief.”
    by JH 57
  • “I had never been to a chiropractor before & was maybe a little scared of them. Highland Chiropractic (my previous office) was a great first experience.”
    by KC 32
  • “I moved here a year ago and dreaded replacing my favorite chiropractor, then I met Dr. Bingham. What a relief to find someone competent, intuitive, compassionate, etc.”
    by EB 41
  • “Bryan was the first chiropractor that I found in over a decade that helped the healing process significantly.”
    by JB 38

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