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How Chiropractic Helps Kids Who Suffer From Sensory Processing Disorder


Imagine a world where clothing feels like sandpaper, light is excruciating, or sounds make you feel like your ears are going to bleed. That is what it’s like for someone with sensory processing disorder, or SPD. Approximately 1 in 6 children have SPD (some reports say 1 in 20, but this appears to be based [...]

Ergonomics and Low Back Pain


by Devin Cox,  LAT, ATC, CEAS I, CP-S Are you experiencing low back pain while working from home or sitting in the office? If so, here are some things to look at. Our bodies aren’t meant to sit all day or for that fact to stand all day either. Our bodies like movement. Sitting in [...]

Why Being Thankful Benefits Your Health


Can being grateful actually make you healthier? Several studies say yes. In fact, there is a great deal of evidence that shows being thankful benefits your health both physically and mentally. Researchers have found that an attitude of gratitude helps you have a stronger immune system, a healthier heart, more energy, and a happier outlook [...]

Why Senior Citizens Need Chiropractic


Chiropractic care is a safe, natural treatment for people of all ages and senior citizens can definitely benefit from it. It is far more preferable than many other options including pharmaceuticals with their unpleasant and even harmful side effects, and surgery. Several studies have even shown that regular chiropractic treatment benefits geriatric patients and can [...]

An often overlooked cause of knee pain


by Devin Cox,  LAT, ATC, CEAS I, CP-S When people think about having knee pain, they most likely aren’t thinking about if they have enough tibial internal rotation. You are probably thinking about your footwear, the way you are running or working out. Those could all be a factor but it could also be caused [...]

Why Construction Workers Need Chiropractic


Every day construction workers lift, stoop, bend, reach, push, pull, twist, and climb. It’s no wonder that 25% of construction worker injuries are to the back. An estimated 1 in every 100 construction workers misses work because of a back injury with an average of seven missed work days. Many just power through the pain [...]

Teachers and Back Pain: How Chiropractic Can Help


Teachers do a lot in a day. They stand for long periods of time, they stoop and bend, pick up children, carry stacks of papers, and sit for long periods while they grade papers. It’s no wonder that so many teachers end up with aching backs! While low back pain is the number one cause [...]

3 Tips That’ll Save Your Back While Gardening


Gardening is a favorite warm weather activity for many people. Unfortunately, it can often send them straight to the chiropractor with back pain and stiffness. If you enjoy your garden but your back doesn’t, take heart. An estimated 80% of the population has experienced back pain or will experience it at some point in their [...]

How Chiropractic Can Help Keep You Moving On A Factory’s Assembly Line


Assembly lines have long been the standard for factory workers. Henry Ford got the ball rolling in December 1, 1913 when he created the very first assembly line to mass produce a car. Workers stood for hours, doing the same tasks over and over. Although Ford took steps to reduce at least some of the [...]