Miracle on 54th Street – December 2nd

All of your favorite businesses at 54th and College will be coming together to put on a wonderful holiday celebration to bring neighbors together and benefit the 64th annual Toys for Tots.  We will welcome Santa and celebrate the spirit of the season with free food/drink tastings, holiday treats, fun and games, live entertainment and [...]

Thanksgiving 2012

I really like this time of year.  Holidays can be mentally and physically recharging or they can do the complete opposite.  Like most things, the holidays are what you make of them. You can choose to make the holidays a time for reflection, appreciation and family gatherings or you can make it about stress, shopping [...]

Week 3 – Natural Calm Giveaway

The holidays are getting near and you can already feel the stress starting to build! Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can get extremely stressed over something minor but handle a huge issue with no problem? This weeks Chiropractic Month giveaway is a bottle of Natural Calm,which is stress relief in a bottle.  Yes, [...]

Week 1 – Massage Give Away

To celebrate that October is National Chiropractic Month we will be giving away prizes each week. This week we will be giving away a gift certificate for a 60 min massage! Answer the following question in the comments section to be entered in the drawing.  Please give us the best way to contact you if [...]

Butler Youth Cheerleading Clinic – Sept 29th

Kids’ Cheer Clinic on Sept. 29 – Spots still available! Spots are still available for the Butler University  Cheerleading Clinic for Kids (K-6) on Saturday, Sept. 29! For more info and to get signed up, please contact Spirit Coordinator Jamie Troyer at 940-9623 or jwestfal@butler.edu. Cost is $30 and includes instruction, a T-shirt, pizza lunch [...]

We’ve added Kinesio Taping for our patients

If you've been watching sports lately you might've noticed an unusual tape that athletes have been wearing, this tape is called Kinesio Tape.  The Kensio Tape methods was created by Dr. Kenzo Kase,  DC in order to facilitate healing and prevent re-injuy.  Below is an except from their website www.kinesiotaping.com. "The Kinesio Taping Method is [...]

Why Are We Sick – by Dr. James Chestnut


Having Knee, Lower Back or Foot Pain

This month, we are investigating Iliotibial Band Syndrome or more commonly know IT Band Syndrome or ITB Syndrome. How do you know if you have IT Band Syndrome? Those with ITB syndrome typically experience pain on the outside of the knee, increased pain with repetitive knee motions, increased pain with walking or running uphill, walking [...]

Cell Phone Elbow (aka Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)

Cubital tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the second most common nerve entrapment that happens in the arm, with carpal tunnel syndrome being the most common.  It is commonly known as cell phone elbow because it effects people who spend a lot of time with their elbow flexed.  This is the position that you would hold your [...]

MD Cures Her Own MS

This is a wonderful TED video put on by an MD who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that left her in a wheel chair.  Through making some minor changes in her life she was able to start walking and even ridding her bike again. She has a powerful message about the health of world. [...]