4 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers

4 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a serious, painful nerve injury that affects many people in the United States. CTS occurs when the median nerve, which runs down a person's forearm to his or her hand, gets compressed in the eight bones in the wrist called the [...]

Road construction might slow travel times to Compass

Getting to and from Compass is going to be a little more challenging in the months to come.  We will do our best to keep you updated with these changes so you are not surprised on your route to Compass. If you have experienced travel related issues coming to or leaving Compass please let us know so [...]

What you should know about stretching

What Chiropractic Patients Should Know About Stretching When you suffer from joint or muscle pain, it is important to work on maintaining as much flexibility as possible. The more flexible you are, the less likely you will be to further injure yourself. One of the best ways to improve your flexibility is by stretching before [...]

Prevent Seasonal Allergies Naturally

I think we can safely say that spring is here, which is great unless you are one of millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  Antihistamines can be helpful, but like any medication they come with side effects.  One side effect that seems counter-intuitive is an increase in the frequency of sinus infections.  One [...]

Is your diet causing your inflammation?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always bloated or why your face is breaking out like your hitting puberty all over again? It could be as easy as your diet. The foods we eat can have more impact on our bodies than just the size of your pants. Many foods we find in the grocery [...]


If our body is already 60% water then why is it so important to stay hydrated? Staying hydrated is meant as a way to replace the water that your body loses daily. Water plays such an important role in our body. It helps regulate our body’s temperature, lubricates our joints, and it even helps transport [...]

Finding the Perfect Fitness Tracker

In the early 2000s, many people would wear a step counter on their hips or shoes to count their daily steps. These trackers were a motivation for people to get out, get active, and to hit their daily step goals. Now 10 years later the fad is back, but with more features, technology, and knowledge. [...]

Cycling got you all tingly, in a not so good way?

by Dr. Bryan Bingham Numbness and tingling can be a very unsettling sensation, particularly if these symptoms are experienced in sensitive areas of the body.  For men there is no area in the body that is more sensitive than the groin.  Experiencing numbness and tingling in the groin is not an uncommon experience for cyclists, [...]

How Blue Light Affects Sleep

Blue is the color between violet and green on the optical spectrum of visible light. It turns out that the blue light emitted from our electronics tricks our brains into thinking that it is still daytime. This is especially crucial during the night when we are getting ready to sleep. The blue light inhibits our body’s [...]

Preventing Travel Aches and Pains

The holiday season is upon us which comes with many wonderful things that we can all look forward to experiencing.  With the good comes the bad and the bad in this case is travel. It was estimated that there were over 75,000 people at the Indianapolis Air Port the day before Thanksgiving this year!  Traveling [...]