Plantar Fasciitis, A Pain in My…Foot

What if you couldn't take a normal first step when you get out of bed in the morning? Instead, you have to resort to the "Stingray shuffle" until the agonizing pain in the bottom of your foot subsides. Better yet, imagine if you are currently having the athletic-performance of a lifetime, until you were unable to [...]

New York Giants Chiropractor Keeps The Super Bowl Champs Going

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Top Steppers ! – Week 1


Baking Soda Increases Athletic Performance…Really?

There are hundreds of sports drinks on the market claiming to increase you athletic performance.  For example, Gatorade tells you that you can be like Mike if you drink their drink.  Most of these claims fall flat, but adding a common kitchen item might not. Scientists at the National Taiwan College of Physical Education conducted [...]

Chiropractic and High School Sports

In recent years the level of competition in high school athletics has dramatically increased and with this new level of competition has come an increase in the number of injuries.  Injuries are not only painful but can be demoralizing causing a negative impact on grades, attitude, health and potential scholarships.  Once an injury has occurred [...]

Should You Chuck Your Running Shoes?

The minimalist footwear or no-wear movement is gaining ground amongst running at great speed.  Since the 70's we have been using the best science we have to create the most advanced shoes imaginable, but the level of injuries has not diminished, if anything injuries have increased.  In this video from Nature, Havard Professor Daniel Lieberman [...]

Chiropractic Treatment for the NFL

Olympic Gold medalist Dan O’brien talks about the importance of chiropractic

My New Favorite Shoes

A patient introduced me to a unique type of footwear.  In this video I discuss the Vibram Five Fingers and barefoot running.

Jerry Rice’s success with Chiropractic

"Chiropractic care has been instrumental in my life, both on and off the field, and I am excited to share this with the American public," says Rice. Chiropractic is a part of nearly every profession sports team and the best athletes in the world rely on chiropractic care to give them an edge and keep [...]