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Balancing Health, Relationships, and Money by Dorinda Pena


In my previous article (found here), I began to explain a resource that has been helpful to me. It is a wheel that allows you to visually see the different of areas of your life charted out according to how much of your time and energy you put toward developing those areas. After creating your [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Curry Vegetables & Quinoa


I love making recipes that give me the freedom to pick and choose the combination of vegetables that are in season and that I love to eat. This recipe is vegetarian and a great way to incorporate a your choice of vegetables. I would recommend using those vegetables that are fresh and in season but [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Iced Coconut Pops


The ingredient I am highlighting today is Coconut Water. This item has increased in popularity recently, and for good reason. Coconut water, the liquid found naturally protected inside of the coconut ‘meat’ and outer shell, is a pure liquid that is even used in some cultures intravenously to rehydrate patients. In addition to re-hydrating, it [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Crustless Quiche


Bruce Feistein's 1982 book,  Real Men Don't Eat Quiche introduced the term quiche-eater, meaning a man who is a dilettante, a trend-chaser, an over-anxious conformist to fashionable forms of 'lifestyle', and socially correct behaviors and opinions, one who eschews (or merely lacks) the traditional masculine virtue of tough self-assurance. Although in mainstream the term has [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Veggie Lasagna


This recipe is great to make when you have time, then just stick it in the oven when in due time for dinner. It’s an easy way to fill a meal with veggies without having an overwhelming veggie taste! I’ve also loved sharing this meal with other families as a way to serve them, especially [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Basmati and Vegetable Soup


Basmati rice is most noted for its aroma and delicate flavor. It is a long-grain rice, available in both brown or white, and is typically grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. The cooked rice is drier and fluffy as opposed to sticky and therefore shouldn’t clump in the soup. Brown basmati has more fiber [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Healthy Chili for Cold Nights


Looking for a low-carb, low-sugar, protein and antioxidant filled healthy meal to warm you up this fall? Chili is a hearty meal and a great place to incorporate healthy foods. You don’t even need to let your spouse, kids, or company know what goodies you’ve hidden in there! Two of Missy Chase Lapine’s make ahead [...]

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