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MDs Approve of Chiropractic Care


Often times I will get questions from my patients regarding medical doctors feelings toward chiropractic.  The answer is...depends.  In recent years the medical profession has not only come to accept chiropractic, but in many cases brought chiropractic into their practices.  Yes, there are still a number of MDs who would never send a patient to [...]

Patient Testimonial – Low Back Pain


This is a patient who came to me with lower back pain that he had been suffering from for a number of years. After about a month he started to see long lasting improvement and is able to partake in his daily activities without experiencing back pain.

Patient Testimonial – Neck Pain


This patient came to see me recently complaining of chronic neck pain that had recently gotten to the point that she was unable to sleep and do her normal daily activities. After just a few treatments she started to notice improvement.  Currently she is back doing many of the activities that she thought she would [...]

Patient testimonial-Low back pain


This patient came into our office unable to move, which is a huge concern for her as a stay at home mother. Within the first week she was feeling much better and since then we have worked on stretches and exercises to stabilize her low back and prevent her condition from returning. This [...]

Patient testimonial – Migraines


This patient suffered from constant migraines since she was 13 years old. At the time of this video, she has been a patient for four months and coming into the office on a once a month basis to keep her migraines from returning. We used chiropractic, traction, exercises and nutritional therapy to help this patient. [...]

Patient Testimonial


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