Balancing Health, Relationships, and Money by Dorinda Pena

In my previous article (found here), I began to explain a resource that has been helpful to me. It is a wheel that allows you to visually see the different of areas of your life charted out according to how much of your time and energy you put toward developing those areas. After creating your [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Curry Vegetables & Quinoa

I love making recipes that give me the freedom to pick and choose the combination of vegetables that are in season and that I love to eat. This recipe is vegetarian and a great way to incorporate a your choice of vegetables. I would recommend using those vegetables that are fresh and in season but [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Iced Coconut Pops

The ingredient I am highlighting today is Coconut Water. This item has increased in popularity recently, and for good reason. Coconut water, the liquid found naturally protected inside of the coconut ‘meat’ and outer shell, is a pure liquid that is even used in some cultures intravenously to rehydrate patients. In addition to re-hydrating, it [...]

Small Steps to Healthy Living

Tell me if this sounds familiar: "Monday morning I'm going to start exercising and eating better!"?  What is your first reaction when you hear a declaration like this?  My first thought is, wow that sounds like a lot of work. Because a statement like "I'm going to exercise and eat better" is open ended it [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Southwestern Quinoa

Ingredient Highlight: Quinoa [pronounced keen-wah] This ivory-colored seed is a staple in many parts of South America. Not only is quinoa very high in protein, but the protein it supplies is complete protein (meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids)! This is a unique food! Quinoa is additionally a very healthy food because [...]

Vitamin D as an Anti-Inflammitory

Vitamin D is essential for much more that just building bones and teeth. In addition to enabling normal mineralization and health of the skeleton, Vitamin D helps the body do a number of things including: Assists in cell growth Aids neuromuscular function Reduces inflammation Reduces the risk of breast cancer in women Boosts your immune [...]

Ground Beef Recalled in Indiana

Ground beef that could be contaminated with with E. coli bacteria has led to the recall of 14,158 pounds of ground beef in 10 states including Indiana. Creekstone Farms Premium Beef located in Arkansas City, Kansas was the distribute of the tainted meat.  The meat with distributed to wholesalers in ten states including Indiana. The [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Healthy Crock Pot Curry

Hippocrates, the father of medicine,  tells us to  "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Food is meant to be a daily medicine that provides nourishment for a healthy vibrant body, not something to only be considered when sick. In this edition of Katie's Kitchen we look at a simple curry recipe [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Healthy Granola Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I find myself snacking throughout my day and feel so much better/ full when I have healthy snacks. Granola has many different shapes, sizes, and make-ups, but generally is very healthy and rich in nutrients we all need! After finding a great granola at The Fresh Market, yesterday, I [...]

Why Does Your Pee Smell Funny After Eating Aspargus?

The asparagus season has come and past, with it the pungent pee that seems to appear minutes after consuming a stalk.  I had always been under the impression that only a certain population has the physiology which creates this odor, but I've recently found that this is not the case. Depending on the studies that [...]