Neck Pain

Vitamin Deficiency Causing Low Back Pain

It might not surprise you to hear that we see a lot of low back pain in our office, what might surprise you is that a vitamin deficiency might be contributing to the lower back pain that many people experience.  A recent study out of Canada looked at patients who had chronic back pain and [...]

Good Balance Prevents Back and Neck Pain

by Katie Culver For a lot of you, you come in for your adjustment, and afterwards, I ask you to do a few minutes of balance work. Whether its performing exercises while balancing on the exercise ball, Bosu, balance disk, or even just standing on one of the balance boards, I’m sure you’ve wondered why. [...]

Texting Increases Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Texting may limit your time on the phone, but you might be spending more time in your chiropractor's office according to a new study out of Temple University.  This study showed an increase in neck and shoulder pain in people who choose to texting over talking on the phone.  One of the questions asked in [...]

Patient Testimonial – Neck Pain

This patient came to see me recently complaining of chronic neck pain that had recently gotten to the point that she was unable to sleep and do her normal daily activities. After just a few treatments she started to notice improvement.  Currently she is back doing many of the activities that she thought she would [...]