Low Back Pain

Too Many MRIs for Low Back Pain?

A recent study out of Stanford Medical School showed that patients with low back pain who had an MRI performed were more likely to have surgery than their counter parts who didn't undergo advanced imaging.  This is concerning because previous studies have shown that increase surgery rates don't improve patient outcomes for low back pain. [...]

Dr. Bingham on Channel 13 Discussing Snow Shoveling

Si Joint Dysfunction and Low Back Pain

Approximately 90% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their life and it is the second common cause for primary care visits in the United States. The number of  people who suffer from back pain is staggering and the effect it has on quality of life is immeasurable.  Before we can address [...]

Channel 13 News (NBC) at Compass Chiropractic to Discuss Decompression Therapy

Recently channel 13 news came to the office to do a story about inversion tables and how it compare to decompression therapy.  In this video I discuss the benefits of each and which condition is appropriate for each therapy.  This video was from a local channel here in Indianapolis discussing low back pain and decompression [...]