Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Health

There are numerous benefits from choosing to use good posture throughout your day. Our bodies were created to function in a specific way, so if we carry ourselves with poor posture, many muscles are over worked while others are under worked and begin to atrophy. It’s no wonder that roughly 80% of Americans experience back [...]

How to Use the Foam Roller

We use the foam roller at Compass to give our patients a therapy that they can perform at home which will decrease their healing time and promote strength and flexibility.  Katie put this together to show you a few ways that you can use the foam roller at home. Also, check out Katie's video on [...]

Core Strengthening at Your Desk

In this video we look at a great way to strengthen your core and prevent back pain. After an episode of back pain, the muscles that support the back start to atrophy or waste away. This is what leads to future episodes of back pain. Katie Culver, our Athletic Trainer, shows us how you can [...]

Strengthen Your Back and Abs At Your Desk

There has been a lot of talk about sitting on an exercise ball while you work lately, which is a good idea, like most things when done in moderation.  There are a number of benefits to using the exercise ball at your desk, but there is also a downside to the ball.  First, research has [...]

Toning Shoes…Help or Hype?

Anyone who has stayed up past midnight watching cable knows that there are a number of different gadgets and gimmicks that make amazing claims, and anyone who purchased these items knows that there is typically more hype than help. You might have noticed more people wearing what looks like orthopedic shoes in the last couple [...]

Should You Chuck Your Running Shoes?

The minimalist footwear or no-wear movement is gaining ground amongst running at great speed.  Since the 70's we have been using the best science we have to create the most advanced shoes imaginable, but the level of injuries has not diminished, if anything injuries have increased.  In this video from Nature, Havard Professor Daniel Lieberman [...]

Compass Offers $10 off Coupon from The Running Company

  The force of the body hitting the ground over and over again can cause injuries, which is why it is very important to make sure you have the shoes that are best for your foot types.   The staff at the running company keep up with the latest research regarding proper shoe fit and gait [...]

4 Lifestyle Changes That Can Eliminate Disease

Almost everyday we are told about the wonderful medical breakthroughs on the horizon and how they will change our lives; but do they?  With all the time and money that goes into medical research one would expect that we would be the healthiest we have ever been in history, but we know that this is [...]

ACA’s 12 Days of Health and Wellness

The holidays are here and with the holidays comes gatherings with friends and family. Many of these gatherings revolve around food, which can be a problem for folks who are trying to be health conscious this time of year. This is why the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has put together the 12 Days of Health [...]

Five Minute Meditation

The following explanation of meditation and how to perform a five minute mediation was taken from Alexandro Junger's book on nutritional cleansing, "Clean." Sit up in a chair with you back straight. Place your feet under you knees. Rest the palms of your hands on your thighs and relax you arms. Look straight ahead but [...]