Top Steppers ! – Week 1


Foverever Fit Summer Camp Fights Childhood Obesity in Indianapolis

by Katie Culver Can you name the medical condition that is one of the easiest to recognize, hardest to ‘cure,’ and responsible for over 300,000 deaths each year? The answer: Childhood obesity. This epidemic has spread like wildfire through our country and is continuing to become more prevalent… and destructive. According to an article on [...]

Pedometer Challenge – August has Arrived!

As we mentioned last month, we are excited for and preparing for a Pedometer Challenge through the month of August! We are excited to promote healthy habits to our patients, so that you can continue influencing and encouraging our community toward healthier living via your circles of influence! As a reminder, stop by to sign up [...]

Get More Power From Your Golf Swing

In this video from Jason Glass and the Titleist Performance Institute we look at how a race car analogy can help you develop more strength throughout your golf swing.

Gardening Doesn’t Have To Be a Pain in The Back

I hope that we’re getting closer and closer to warm weather! The sun was out all weekend and it gave me hope for Spring to come!! One thing I’m very excited about this Spring that I’ve never done before is plant a garden! My roommates and I don’t have much garden space, but what we [...]

Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Health

There are numerous benefits from choosing to use good posture throughout your day. Our bodies were created to function in a specific way, so if we carry ourselves with poor posture, many muscles are over worked while others are under worked and begin to atrophy. It’s no wonder that roughly 80% of Americans experience back [...]

How to Use the Foam Roller

We use the foam roller at Compass to give our patients a therapy that they can perform at home which will decrease their healing time and promote strength and flexibility.  Katie put this together to show you a few ways that you can use the foam roller at home. Also, check out Katie's video on [...]

Core Strengthening at Your Desk

In this video we look at a great way to strengthen your core and prevent back pain. After an episode of back pain, the muscles that support the back start to atrophy or waste away. This is what leads to future episodes of back pain. Katie Culver, our Athletic Trainer, shows us how you can [...]

Strengthen Your Back and Abs At Your Desk

There has been a lot of talk about sitting on an exercise ball while you work lately, which is a good idea, like most things when done in moderation.  There are a number of benefits to using the exercise ball at your desk, but there is also a downside to the ball.  First, research has [...]

Toning Shoes…Help or Hype?

Anyone who has stayed up past midnight watching cable knows that there are a number of different gadgets and gimmicks that make amazing claims, and anyone who purchased these items knows that there is typically more hype than help. You might have noticed more people wearing what looks like orthopedic shoes in the last couple [...]