Katie’s 100 Pushup Video

Here is Katie's 100 pushup video that she took on Christmas day in Florida. She started with 10 pushups and ended up with, well you'll have to watch the video.

Dr. Bingham’s 100 Push Up Test

Here is my 100 pushup initial test...wish that I would've done all my talking prior to maxing out on pushups.  For you info to you can check our post on the 100 pushups or check out www.hundredpushups.com.

A Balanced Wheel – part 3 – by Dorinda Pena

Now we've seen the importance of connecting with our friends and family, we also need to nurture our time with our closest person....our self! When we take time for to invest in our own health we can better pour ourselves out in the various roles we have in life. Yes, it can seem selfish or [...]

Balancing Health, Relationships, and Money by Dorinda Pena

In my previous article (found here), I began to explain a resource that has been helpful to me. It is a wheel that allows you to visually see the different of areas of your life charted out according to how much of your time and energy you put toward developing those areas. After creating your [...]

Good Balance Prevents Back and Neck Pain

by Katie Culver For a lot of you, you come in for your adjustment, and afterwards, I ask you to do a few minutes of balance work. Whether its performing exercises while balancing on the exercise ball, Bosu, balance disk, or even just standing on one of the balance boards, I’m sure you’ve wondered why. [...]

Top Steppers ! – Week 1


Foverever Fit Summer Camp Fights Childhood Obesity in Indianapolis

by Katie Culver Can you name the medical condition that is one of the easiest to recognize, hardest to ‘cure,’ and responsible for over 300,000 deaths each year? The answer: Childhood obesity. This epidemic has spread like wildfire through our country and is continuing to become more prevalent… and destructive. According to an article on [...]

Pedometer Challenge – August has Arrived!

As we mentioned last month, we are excited for and preparing for a Pedometer Challenge through the month of August! We are excited to promote healthy habits to our patients, so that you can continue influencing and encouraging our community toward healthier living via your circles of influence! As a reminder, stop by to sign up [...]

Get More Power From Your Golf Swing

In this video from Jason Glass and the Titleist Performance Institute we look at how a race car analogy can help you develop more strength throughout your golf swing.

Gardening Doesn’t Have To Be a Pain in The Back

I hope that we’re getting closer and closer to warm weather! The sun was out all weekend and it gave me hope for Spring to come!! One thing I’m very excited about this Spring that I’ve never done before is plant a garden! My roommates and I don’t have much garden space, but what we [...]