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Snow Shoveling 101


If you are lucky enough to have a snow blower or a cooperative teenage boy in your home, this post is not for you.  If you are like the rest of the Indianapolis residents who experienced the largest snowfall in over a decade and all you have is a plastic snow shovel...this post is for [...]

We’re Not Pulling Your Leg… It’s Stretching!


by Aaron Day This month’s focus is dedicated to all the cyclists, runners, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts that endure the long hours of work to finally get to that point in their day that they can truly call theirs. The point of which the overabundance of sunshine, warmth, and fresh air is like a [...]

Broncos Player Getting Adjusted On The Sidelines


In this video we see a clip from one an NFl game where a chiropractor is adjusting one of the team members on the sidelines during a game. Every NFL team has a Chiropractor on staff and many NFL players credit Chiropractic for keeping them on the field. Jerry Rice is huge proponent of Chiropractic [...]

New York Giants Chiropractor Keeps The Super Bowl Champs Going


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Our Patient Nick Ford in the News


Nick Ford has a great story to tell about determination.  The following video tells his story about a near death explosion that left him severely burned.  Despite this tragedy Nick came back to his marathon training and plans to run the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10.  He will be running for the Livestrong team to raise [...]

Dr. Bingham on Channel 13 Discussing Snow Shoveling


Chiropractic Treatment for the NFL


Channel 13 News (NBC) at Compass Chiropractic to Discuss Decompression Therapy


Recently channel 13 news came to the office to do a story about inversion tables and how it compare to decompression therapy.  In this video I discuss the benefits of each and which condition is appropriate for each therapy.  This video was from a local channel here in Indianapolis discussing low back pain and decompression [...]

Olympic Gold medalist Dan O’brien talks about the importance of chiropractic


WTHR reports on Consumer Report’s Survey on Back Pain


This is a recent clip from our local NBC affiliate, WTHR (Channel 13) reporting on the back pain survey from Consumer Reports.

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