Back Pain

How To Be Pain Free At Work

As we thought through topics that would be most helpful to share with our patients, one of the first that we identified was sitting at your desk/ computer without getting neck or upper back pain. Sounds simple enough, right? I’m guessing, though, that a good number of you (and your coworkers, family, and friends) experience [...]

Good Balance Prevents Back and Neck Pain

by Katie Culver For a lot of you, you come in for your adjustment, and afterwards, I ask you to do a few minutes of balance work. Whether its performing exercises while balancing on the exercise ball, Bosu, balance disk, or even just standing on one of the balance boards, I’m sure you’ve wondered why. [...]

Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Health

There are numerous benefits from choosing to use good posture throughout your day. Our bodies were created to function in a specific way, so if we carry ourselves with poor posture, many muscles are over worked while others are under worked and begin to atrophy. It’s no wonder that roughly 80% of Americans experience back [...]

The Best and Worst Way to Sleep

Sleeping is obviously an essential part of each of our daily routine. Most of us sleep between 3 and 10 hours a day, and if you spend that 8%-42% of your day in a poor position, you are putting yourself in a position of risk for injury to the length of your spine. The position I [...]

Patient Testimonial – Low Back Pain

This is a patient who came to me with lower back pain that he had been suffering from for a number of years. After about a month he started to see long lasting improvement and is able to partake in his daily activities without experiencing back pain.

Channel 13 News (NBC) at Compass Chiropractic to Discuss Decompression Therapy

Recently channel 13 news came to the office to do a story about inversion tables and how it compare to decompression therapy.  In this video I discuss the benefits of each and which condition is appropriate for each therapy.  This video was from a local channel here in Indianapolis discussing low back pain and decompression [...]

Patient testimonial-Low back pain

This patient came into our office unable to move, which is a huge concern for her as a stay at home mother. Within the first week she was feeling much better and since then we have worked on stretches and exercises to stabilize her low back and prevent her condition from returning. This [...]

Patient Testimonial