I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that your upper/midback is tight at work.  I can assume this with confidence because just about everyone who has come into Compass Chiropractic has had tension and restrictions in this area.  The tension that we feel in the upper/midback is partly due to the stresses that we put on these areas when we sit, look at our phone or lean forward.

We know that tension and stress in this area can also increase mental/emotional stress.  Most notably this was presented in a Ted Talk regarding Power Poses.  The research presented during this Ted Talk showed that sitting in a slumped position actually increases the stress hormone cortisol after only two minutes.  Conversely, it was found that subjects could reduce levels of cortisol by improving their posture. In this video it was hypothesized that people could reduce their daily stress by changing their position.

The following video is one of our favorite way to create mobility in the upper/mid back which feels great and helps to take tension off these areas which in turn just might lower your stress levels at work.