At Compass we believe that proper sitting is extremely important for health and preventing neck and back pain.  This is why we teach each and everyone how to sit properly on their second day in our office.

We have felt limited in our ability to help our patients truly sit properly because we are not able to visit their office and see their workstation, until now.  The developer of the posture screen that we use has created an app that allows our patients to take pictures from their workstation and upload them to our HIPAA complaint cloud server.  We can then download the pictures to our software and analyze them and create a PDF with recommendations.

In order to utilize this service you first need to download the app for the iPhone or Android which looks like this:

Next you will need a code to link to our cloud which you can obtain from Dr. Bingham by sending an email through our “Request an Appointment” on our Contact Us page.

This is the screen that you will see once you have entered the code:

Click on the button that says “Capture Right Sitting” button which will open the camera and show you the placement for the person you’re taking the picture of.  Make sure you can see the legs of the person and they are not under a desk.

Once you have taken the picture you click “Send Pictures to Compass Chiropractic.”

This will upload your pictures to our server and notify Dr. Bingham that your posture screen is available.

Once we have your picture we will put it in our software and put the points on the specific areas of concern. We will then be able to create a PDF that we can then email back to you with recommendations.