If our body is already 60% water then why is it so important to stay hydrated? Staying hydrated is meant as a way to replace the water that your body loses daily. Water plays such an important role in our body. It helps regulate our body’s temperature, lubricates our joints, and it even helps transport the important nutrients that gives us energy and keeps us healthy.

It’s very important to recognize signs that our body gives us when we start to become dehydrated. One of the most common signs we recognize is having a dry mouth, because not only is it annoying when it happens but it’s a clear indication that our mouth needs moisture. If our body isn’t able to transport those important nutrients we’ll start to notice that we’ll have a lack of energy and even slight dizziness as we start becoming more dehydrated. Another easy sign to help us notice if we are becoming dehydrated is having dark urine. The dark urine is our kidney’s way of telling our body that it’s time to start retaining water, so because of that our urine will be darker and more concentrated. It’s also very important to realize that by the time our body lets us know that we are dehydrated we have actually already been dehydrated for a while, so you want to make sure you keep drinking water even if you don’t have these symptoms.

The recommended daily water intake is about 1.9 liters, which may not seem like a lot but for someone who isn’t used to drinking that much water it can be tricky to do. Don’t worry though because like most things there’s an app for that. Waterlogged is an app that allows users to track their daily water intact as well as set reminders to keep on drinking. Waterlogged allows users to select their water bottle type, so this way it is even more customized for the user. Another great feature about Waterlogged is that is able to sync up with most fitness band apps! If you aren’t that tech savvy you can always follow the great 8×8 Rule. 8×8 Rule is just a simple way to remember that you need to drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water daily.

Another great way to keep track of you daily water intake is getting a water bottle with the measurements on the side, like our Compass water bottle! During the month of March we will be giving these bottle out as a part of our hydration month. Stop by this month during our office hours and pick one up!