In the early 2000s, many people would wear a step counter on their hips or shoes to count their daily steps. These trackers were a motivation for people to get out, get active, and to hit their daily step goals. Now 10 years later the fad is back, but with more features, technology, and knowledge. In the last year the hype for fitness trackers has really taken a leap again. People are on the move to live a healthier life, and with the help of these digital fitness trackers it has made it easier for people to take that extra step.

When it comes to finding the right fitness tracker you need to ask yourself some questions. What style will fit your daily life the best? How often do you want to charge your tracker? What are the app features? What is your price range? What are the key features you need to help accomplish your goals? By asking yourself these questions you should be able to find the perfect digital fitness tracker to help reach your goals or to help you stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.

Today’s fitness trackers are available in many different styles to fit your lifestyle and needs. The most popular style is the wrist band, and it can come in many different sizes and styles. Fitbit and Garmin are the leading wrist band brands. Many of these wrist band trackers double as a wristwatch. Some are waterproof like the Garmin Vivosmart HR+, while Fitbit Charge 2 can show you your progress right on the watch verse looking at the app connected on your smart phone.

Thankfully other companies are catching on that the wrist band isn’t the most effective style for everyone. The Motiv is a new product coming to the market this spring in March, and its available in a silver or rose gold titanium ring. Since the ring doesn’t have a screen you must rely on your app to see your daily results. The Misfit Ray is a versatile pendant that gives more flexibility for the wearer; this pendant can be worn on a band as a necklace or a bracelet to fit your needs for the day. Misfit also has a fitness tracker that allows the customer to be able to place the tracker in the pocket or attach it to the hip of the pants, but these trackers do offer less features then if it was worn.

The 2016 Fitness Tracker of the Year was the Garmin Vivosmart HR+. This fitness tracker has many great features that include a week long battery life, waterproof, and a GPS tracker. It also monitors you hear rate and sleeping habits! The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ runs in the $220 range. If you’re looking for somethings a little bit cheaper, but doesn’t offer the GPS is the Fitbit Charge 2. Unlike the Garmin this watch offers breathing training for helping with stressful situations. The Misfit Ray is a versatile pendant that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. This product offers features that include sleep tracking, step counting, a buzz for notifications from your cell phone, and it’s only a $100. Another versatile product from Misfit is the Misfit Shine 2 which is a tracker that can be clipped onto your clothes or shoes. This product has the best battery life, monitors your sleep, counts your steps, waterproof, and still gives you smartphone notifications. The Misfit Shine 2 can be purchased on its website or amazon for $100.

There are many different things to look for when it comes to finding that perfect fitness tracker, but luckily with today’s market there a lot of different products out there to help you find that perfect match.