With the 2016 Presidential Election drawing closer and closer, let’s take a moment away from all of the controversy surrounding these two candidates and take a look into their diet and exercise habits. If elected, Donald Trump will be the oldest person ever elected to the office at age 70, followed right behind Hilary Clinton, who would be the second oldest at age 69, after Ronald Reagan. Holding the office of President of the United States of America requires a lot of time and energy. We want our President to be smart, responsible and effective which translates to well-rested, properly fed and energized through exercise.

Trump’s least favorite meal is breakfast, although he does love bacon and eggs. Clinton keeps a bottle of hot sauce in her bag at all times and likes to treat herself to Dove ice cream bars. Does the health of each of the candidates come into play when choosing who to vote for? Only you can decide that for yourself. The link below gives insight into the diet of both candidates as well as what they do to keep physically active.

Diet and Exercise Habits of Clinton and Trump