My youngest daughter has had a case of the “perma-snots” for about as long as she has been on this planet.  Whether it is the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, there was a steady stream of snot running out of her nose. There was also the occasional sore throats, stomach bugs and general cranky disposition that comes with feeling bad.  She eats well, sleeps well and plays well but still seemed to be constantly getting sick.

When we shared our concerns about our daughters inability to fight off illness with our family practitioner, she recommended a product called “Super Immune Space Sprinkles.”  I have to admit that I was skeptical that something as simple as a supplement would fix this ongoing problem so I did what any good parent would do…nothing.  Six month later my wife and I were discussing our daughters health again and she brought up the space sprinkles.  In desperation I ordered two bottles and started mixing it with Emergen-C and calling is “breakfast juice.”  The girls took to it right away.

A few weeks after we started the space sprinkles it hit me that our daughter wasn’t constantly sniffling and the snot river had dried up.  She was able to sleep better because her nose wasn’t stuffy and her attitude improved slightly (she is three after all).   Up to this point, we have tried a number of different things, but I can say without a doubt that this was the most effective.

If you have a little one that has a hard time kicking the common cold or tends to produce more snot than seems humanly possible I would recommend trying the space sprinkles, especially if he or she has been on antibiotics.

Here are the links to the manufactures website and  Super Immune Space Sprinkles on  The suggested retail is $34.50 and we sell ours for $29.  If you are interested in ordering contact Whitney at or 317.257.2800.