antibacterial soapFor years there have been concerns over development of antibiotic resistant bacteria from the over use of antibiotic soaps.  Until recently government agencies like the FDA have not take the concerns about antibacterial soaps seriously.  Recently the FDA gave manufactures of antibacterial soaps a year to prove that there soaps are safe (FDA Report).

Beyond increasing the prevalence of antibiotic resistance bacterial there has been concerns about the health impacts of chemicals used in these soaps.  Chemicals such as Triclosan and Triclocarbon have been shown to be associated with impaired thyroid function, brain function, low testosterone and decreased fertility.  The FDA is currently investigating the health impacts of these chemicals, but in the mean time to be safe try to avoid products with these chemicals.  Dr. Oz lists Triclosan consumption as one of his 5 health risks I wouldn’t take and neither should you. To avoid these products check out Products that Contain Tricolosan.