Why do we get sick?

Is is because we don’t use enough hand sanitizer?  Nope, there is not enough hand sanitizer to fend off even the amount of bacterial that you would find around your home…not to mention most sicknesses are caused by viruses that are impervious to sanitizers.  Furthermore there is concern that overuse of sanitizers could be creating stronger drug resistant bacteria.

Defense wins the game!

Because there is no way that we could ever eliminate all the bacteria and viruses that we come in contact with throughout the day, our best protection against getting sick is a strong healthy immune system.   There are a number of variables that can negatively impact a persons immune system, ie stress, bad food, lack of sleep etc.  There are times that our immune system gets overrun and needs a boost.

Boost your immune system

To keep your immune system in tip top shape it is important to eat well, sleep well and eliminate stress, if  it were only that simple we would all be healthy and never get sick.   When find ourselves run down our immune system pays the price and allows us to become susceptible to foreign invaders like the flu.  Luckily there is a great supplement from Metagenics that is designed to give your immune system a kick start by waking up the cells in your body that are responsible for your defenses.

We now have Immucore by Metagenics!

Immucore by Metagenics

-Provides a 3-prong approach to immune boosting
-Ultrapotent Vitamin C – shown to increase uptake
-Proprietary blend of mushroom extracts
-Zinc and Vitamin D for long lasting support



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