I really like this time of year.  Holidays can be mentally and physically recharging or they can do the complete opposite.  Like most things, the holidays are what you make of them.

You can choose to make the holidays a time for reflection, appreciation and family gatherings or you can make it about stress, shopping and obligations.  I was at a seminar last weekend and the presenter put a quote up that is very fitting for this time of year; “Stress is like the wind, you can’t change it but you can adjust your sails.”  This holiday season try to remember that you are in charge of how you react to the stress that comes your way.  Of course there may be extenuating circumstances that will test you, but ultimately you are in charge of how you deal with them.

With the gatherings and celebrations typically comes excess eating.  Indulgence in moderation can be a healthy thing, but it can also cause stress and anxiety for people who are trying to remain healthy through the holidays.  The best way to deal with these holiday temptations is to plan. Look at what you have coming down the line, if you have three holiday parties this week make sure to be extra good about your diet on the days you’re not at the parties.  You will be able to enjoy the parties more without as much food guilt.

Lastly, take time to be thankful.  Over the last year I have started a thankful journal that I keep at my desk.  Each day I pull it out and write a handful of things that I am thankful about.  They can be as simple as “got a good nights sleep” to “the health of my family.”  There are those days that I come in the office and immediately get to work without taking the three minutes to write in my journal and those days I notice the difference.

To wrap things up; control your sails, plan your holiday eating and be thankful and you will have a healthier happier holiday.