The holidays are getting near and you can already feel the stress starting to build! Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can get extremely stressed over something minor but handle a huge issue with no problem?

This weeks Chiropractic Month giveaway is a bottle of Natural Calm,which is stress relief in a bottle.  Yes, I know that it sounds too good to be true, but research has shown deficiencies in Magnesium can cause us to be more stressed along with many other health conditions.  Reports suggest that 60-70% of us are deficient in Magnesium and Natural Calm is a bioavailable form of Magnesium that has powerful effects on the muscle and nervous system.  Check out what Dr. Hyman has to say about Magnesium.

There is no right our wrong answer for this weeks question, curious to see what everyone has to say –answer in the comment section to win a bottle of Natural Calm.

“Why do you think you react more/less strongly to stress in your life?