Workouts have become so much more intense in recent years and not only for the ultra-fit.  In the past you could consider yourself a runner if you threw on your shoes a few times a week and slogged around the block, now you need at least a couple mini marathons under your belt for this distinction.  I remember a time when a senior citizen was content with getting exercise by taking long walks or short bike rides, but that doesn’t seem to be cutting it these days.  This became apparent to me when my mom asked to borrow my set of P90X videos to work out with her friends.   For clarification, my mom is in her sixties and she has always been active, just not what I would call “extremely active”, (sorry mom.)

I tried to talk her out of this and refused to be a part of helping them obtain something that would inevitably lead to someone getting injured.   So, they ended up ordering the video set themselves and made it through one video before they decided they would never do another P90X workout because it was too extreme.  Good news is that they knew their limits and sold the videos to a personal trainer they knew.

To set the record straight: I have nothing against P90X.  My comments are in regards to the general level of extreme-ness that I see in these new workouts. Personally I found P90X very challenging and had a hard time with a lot of the videos.  This is why I cringe when someone who has not been active since high school tells me that they’re starting P90X.  Unfortunately, more often than not this intense level of exercise leads to injuries that derail the person’s health goals.

Remember, exercise is not a temporary activity.  Exercise is something that needs to be a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or combing your hair (for some of usJ).  Start slow, you have your entire life to exercise.  You may not get ripped in 90 days but you will be healthier and you will prevent injuries.