According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people absorb fewer calories from whole almonds than originally thought.  Researchers evaluated the amount of calories that were absorbed by the participants and found that they absorbed about 75% of the total calories in the almonds.  This study was only performed using whole almonds and it is thought that the results would differ if other forms of almonds were ingested, ie almond butter or almond slivers.

What does this mean for someone who is counting their calories?

The study showed that participants absorbed less calories from almonds, but almonds have a high calorie content to begin with. If you are truly counting calories, you already know that nuts pack a lot of punch in the calories department even if you absorbs fewer calories.

So Should I not eat nuts if I’m trying to lose weight?

I didn’t say that, there are also a lot of health benefits associated with eating nuts.  Nuts contain good fats that signal the body to release a hormone called Leptin.  Leptin is responsible for telling the body that you’ve had enough to eat, without this hormone you would continue to eat and eat and eat…

The bottom line is that nuts are good for you and almonds might help you keep a couple pounds off is you eat them responsibly.