I recently attended a seminar in Chicago presented by Dr. Seaman, professor and founder of deflame.com.  The seminar was titled Pain and the Clinical Practice, a topic only a Chiropractor could love.  There was a lot that I took away from the seminar, but the most profound is the wide ranging impact that Vitamin D deficiency has  on the health of our population.

Unfortunately the current RDA for Vitamin D was created to ward off diseases such as Rickets and as most researchers believe, these levels are too low to have a preventative disease fighting effect.  The current RDA for an adult is 600 IUs and to put it in to perspective, a light skinned person will get about 20,000 IUs after spending 30 minutes in the sun (Harvard “Ask the Experts”).

There have been numerous studies showing the health benefits of Vitamin D and the pandemic deficiencies, but outside of disease prevention Vitamin D has also been shown to decrease low back pain (Vit D and Low Back Pain).

How do you know if you need Vitamin D?

Considering the vast population is Vitamin D deficient you can assume that you’re levels are low, unless you spend a lot of your time outside in the sun uncovered and without sunscreen.  You can also get a blood test from your doctor at a local lab.  One option that I have recently become aware of is the at home test.

Ordering an at home Vitamin D test.

Grass Roots Health is a public health promotion organization that is comprised of Vitamin D researchers who are studying the benefits of Vitamin D.  The website allows you to order a test kit for $70 (including shipping) and they give you the option to partake in a study that looks at Vitamin D levels and consumption.  I have recently ordered my kit and will send out updates as I get the kit.