Now we’ve seen the importance of connecting with our friends and family, we also need to nurture our time with our closest person….our self! When we take time for to invest in our own health we can better pour ourselves out in the various roles we have in life. Yes, it can seem selfish or unproductive to even try to find time for just you, but when we are running on a tank that is less than full, we can become resentful of the responsibilities we have and discouraged. By investing time  into hobbies or other interests is a great way to nurture our points of view and creative parts of our brain.  Activities are as simple as reading, sewing, yoga, crafts, gardening, sports, and dance.  True many of these things can be shared with friends or family but it’s so important that we as individuals have something that is for ourselves.  Give yourself a chance to unwind and think through the day.  It may seem like a luxury to carve time out, but that small investment pays off in dividends in having a more balanced wheel!