Every few months I like to take a personal inventory of how I am doing in varies areas of my life.  Heavy stuff,  I know.  But several years ago I was given a simple tool to make this journey easier… the wheel.  Whenever you go on a road trip of any kind, it’s always best to have your wheels in tip top shape.  The same is true when we look at the big picture of our realistic current state, ideal current state, and long term goals.

How does this wheel work?  The wheel provides opportunity to define eight major areas of our lives, including: money, health, relationships, spirituality, creativity and hobbies, our environment, parenting, and school. To the left is an example of one of these wheels. We can define our eight major areas beyond the basics of financial, health, and alone time.

One visual way to gauge how you are doing at maintaining a balanced wheel is to draw spokes onto your wheel. Begin at the center, draw a spoke out toward the edge in each section. The more time you put toward developing that specific area, the closer to the edge you will draw. If it helps, you can think of it as rating each section on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the edge of the wheel). Ideally, all areas would be somewhat equal. It’s always interesting to identify the areas we put more energy towards and those we neglect.

If there is an imbalance in your wheel, I would love to develop a clearer picture of how to develop some of your “lower” spokes. I’ll be writing two posts in September and two additional ones in October as we bring in the often stressful holiday season (I can’t believe another holiday season is almost here!), so keep your eye out for those articles with tips and ideas of how to increase and combine our “spokes” to get back on track with our lives and goals!