By Dorinda Pena,  LMT

If you’ve had the opportunity to receive therapeutic massage treatments at our office you’ve heard …”Try to drink some extra water today and tomorrow” …not just the first time or second, but most of the time. I sometimes feel like a broken record but it’s more important to me that our patients know the great benefits of hydrating in their wellness path.

A particular analogy I like to use sometimes is, “Think of a little stream not too much water but just enough to have a steady flow. Bits of leaves, grass, insects and other effluvium are constantly rushed downstream leaving the stream relatively clear. If water is restricted to the stream, debris can build up and slow down it’s original strength.”

Our bodies are like that stream and need consistent amounts of water to keep us running at our optimal best. But with demanding lifestyles, our priorities don’t always include staying properly hydrated. During the summer months with increased outdoor activities it’s important to know a few things to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Drinking water daily is a first obvious choice but many wonder how much is enough? 6-8 8oz of water is a good approximate amount to consume by most of the population or another calculation is to divide your weight (in lbs.) by 2 and the number you get is how many ounces to consume. Athletes and anyone performing strenuous activities will be losing sodium in their sweat at a greater rate than usual those salts and minerals. When we deplete ourselves of water and salts, we can begin to feel a gamut of symptoms such as:





Dry mouth

Dark urine

Low or no urine or tears


The way I ensure I stay hydrated without too much effort is keeping a thermos with me at all times and having fruits like apples or watermelon to snack on. Enjoy the local fruits of our local farmers and have fun this summer!