Through the life season of pregnancy, a large number of foundational developments occur. If at no other time in her life, it would be wise of the mom to be mindful of what she consumes before and during her pregnancy as it provides a healthy home for growth. Certain nutrients in particular should be consumed daily whereas other foods should be avoided. Those to include daily include folate/ folic acid, iron, calcium, omega-­3 fats, fiber, vitamin A, B vitamins, and protein. Sounds intimidating, I know, but it is actually pretty doable! Some types of foods to avoid are processed foods, raw or unpasteurized dairy, alcohol, and those high in mercury (ie swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, tuna and shark), sodium, saturated fats, sugars, or artificial sweeteners.

Know that you will gain weight over your 9 months of pregnancy, but gaining healthy weight, not just pounds, is very important to both you are your little one. Here are some tricks to increase your nutrition: trade sugar-packed cereals and white grains for whole-grain cereals, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and whole-grain bread. Have fruits and vegetables on had so that you can easily add them into your meals. Add wild rice, brown rice or barley in soups, stews, casseroles and salads. Choose yogurt with live/ active cultures and without all the added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Below, I’ve created a day’s worth of options that will hopefully lead you on the right track:

Breakfast: A glass of 100% Juice + one of the following

  • Parfait: yogurt, fresh fruit, granola (check out my homemade granola recipe!)
  • Whole grain cereal + enriched milk
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Omelet filled with vegetables and lean meat
  • Scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast
  • Oatmeal

Morning Snack:

  • Veggies dipped in hummus
  • Fruit smoothie (include yogurt, frozen fresh fruit, fruit juice or milk, and peanut butter!)
  • Make sure you’re drinking enough water!!


  • Spinach salad (Iron, Folic Acid, Vit A) loaded with veggies, fruits, seeds, legumes (Folic Acid), hardboiled egg (protein), and/ or nuts
  • Grilled cheese dipped in salsa
  • Vegetable soup and toast

Afternoon Snack:

  • Homemade trail mix… include your favorite nuts, dried fruits, and soy nuts
  • Watermelon (packed with vitamins and lycopene)

Dinner: Drink a glass of milk or soymilk + one of the following

  • A whole grain pasta with chicken and veggies and marinara sauce
  • Salmon Filet with brown rice and asparagus
  • Veggie lasagna
  • Baked sweet potato and herb roasted chicken
  • Veggie stir-fry with brown rice


  • Mixed berry shortcake
  • Baked apple crumble
  • Fruit popsicles
  • Frozen yogurt or sherbert