There are numerous benefits from choosing to use good posture throughout your day. Our bodies were created to function in a specific way, so if we carry ourselves with poor posture, many muscles are over worked while others are under worked and begin to atrophy. It’s no wonder that roughly 80% of Americans experience back pain!

Some significant benefits include:

-Improved airflow and blood flow throughout your body… Our lungs simply don’t have the same capacity when we slouch over as when we stand/ sit up straight.
-Decreased risk of injury… Using good posture makes you less injury-prone because your body is stacked on itself and all parts are in proper alignment. This is especially important when putting any sort of stress on your body such as household chores, working out, and traveling.

-Decreased back pain… Correct posture greatly reduces your chances of experiencing, back aches, pains, stiffness, and even disc problems. Some of those pains are even irreversible!

-Increased energy levels… Your muscles will be less fatigued because again they will not be over worked or over stressed.

-It may even improve others’ perception of as you hold yourself upright and confidently!

So what is correct posture?

When Sitting:

  • Align your back with the back of the chair, avoiding slouching or tilting
  • Keep shoulders straight
  • Flex elbows between 75-90°
  • Keep neck aligned with spine
  • Keep feet comfortably on floor

When Standing:

  • Stand with weight mostly on balls of feet and arms loosely at sides
  • Tuck chin slightly allowing ears, shoulders and hips to be in same plane with normal “S” shaped curve in spine

Easier said than done, I know, but it really is worth your time to create a good posture habit. One way we’ve thought of to help remind you to sit in better posture is to put a sticker in strategic places… by your work computer, in your car, near your favorite chair at home. Every time you look at the sticker, it will act as a reminder to realign your spine and sit/ stand correctly!

To learn more about how we treat posture check out our posture page.