How clean is your home? You may not have much dirt in your home, but you may have chemicals in your home that are much more harmful.

When we think of pollution, we typically think of air pollution outside of our homes created by smoke stacks and burning fossil fuels.  We rarely think of air pollution when it comes to the air we breathe in our own homes, but we should.  Studies have shown that the level of pollution in our homes is often worse than the air we breathe outside.

One of the most dangerous pollutants in our homes are the cleaning supplies that we use.   These chemicals are not only dangerous when ingested, as we are reminded by Mr. Yuck, but can contribute to diseases such as asthma and lung cancer when inhaled. For those of you with little ones it is even more important to use safe cleaning supplies as they spend more time closer to the cleaning surface and tend to put things in their mouths that have been on the floor.

Luckily there are options that are natural and effective, not to mention locally made.  Tracey Clean is a company out of Indiana that produces natural cleaning supplies.  You can purchase their products on their website,

For more information about indoor air quality, visit the EPA’s website on Indoor Air Quality.