At some point in your life you have most likely heard reports about how “dirty” certain everyday locations can become.  I remember hearing about how many organisisms there are on a public telephone, which I guess is not very important for our times.  Under desks, on top of desks, door knobs, sinks, food etc… One could make themselves mad by trying to avoid all of these bugs, so don’t try because we can’t avoid them.

We have 10 times as many organisms on our body than we have cells in our body and we have an estimated 50 to 70 trillion cells in our body.  That’s just our body, that number doesn’t take into account the number of organisms that are in out environment. with all those organisms we should be sick all the time right?

Hopefully you’re still reading this an not hold up in a bubble some where.  My point is not to scare you into hinding, but to make the point that we can not avoid the bugs in our environment.  If we can’t avoid them what can we do?

Luckily our body is equipt with a wonderful immune system that protects us from these foriegn invaders, but like most things it needs maitenance.  Maitenance comes in the form of healthy eating, exercise, restful sleep and stress reduction to name some of the ways to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.   Taking these small, daily precautions can prevent the illnesses that will keep you out of the game.