Texting may limit your time on the phone, but you might be spending more time in your chiropractor’s office according to a new study out of Temple University.  This study showed an increase in neck and shoulder pain in people who choose to texting over talking on the phone.
 One of the questions asked in this study is “why neck and shoulder pain and not arm and wrist pain?” Hand and wrist pain would seem like the obvious symptoms experienced by texters, but that was not the case and the answer is simple physics. If you hold something out in front of you, it is much heavier than if you hold it close to you. Imagine how tired your arms would get by holding a bowling ball out in front of you all day; this is what your neck does when you look down to text.
 The head weighs as much as a bowling ball and relies on the muscles of the neck and shoulders to keep it upright.  When the neck is in front of the body and looking down it puts more stress on these muscles creating muscle stress and pain. Every inch of forward head deviation produces 20 extra pounds of weight on the muscles of the neck and shoulders.  If you don’t believe me, carry around a bowling ball for the entire day and see how your arm feels at the end. To read the origianl article, visit WebMD
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