I recently had a patient come to my office with a number of complaints.  Most related to neck and back pain but there was one that I’ve not had any experience with: Hyperhidrosis.  Patients with Hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating typically on the hands, feet and armpits.  This patient has had this condition for her entire life and was told by her doctor that the only treatment for this condition is surgery.

The surgery involves cutting the nerves in the spine that cause the sweating.  A common side effect associated with the surgery is excessive sweating in new area of the body.  When this patient learned of the potential side effects she decided not to pursue the surgery.  She had grown accustom to the areas of her body that were sweating and was weary of it surfacing in other areas.

The reason for cutting the nerves in the back is because they are considered hyper active.  I explained to the patient that these nerves exit the spinal column and could be over excited by a joint dysfunction.  As I mentioned before I haven’t had any experience treating Hyperhidrosis or knew of anyone who has, but from a chiropractic perspective her problem was no different than someone who has back or neck pain.

She came back from her first treatment and told me that her upper back was sore and other than that she felt the same.  When she came in for her second treatment there was something different about her.  When I asked her how she was doing, she looked up with a huge smile and said, “I had to use lotion on my hands today.”  I didn’t understand the significance of her statement, but this is a person that has never had to use lotion on her hands because they have always been so sweaty.  She also mentioned that she didn’t have to change her shirt during the day due to over sweating as she had in the past.  Both of us were shocked and cautiously optimistic.

This happened just the other day and I haven’t seen the patient since.  I am excited about the potential treatment for her condition, but I am also careful not to get too excited.  I look forward to writing more about this case as it develops.