If our stomach had eyes we might look at things differently.

What would a bowl of cereal look like to our stomach?  Depends on the cereal, but for the most part it would look like a large pile of sugar.  This is because, for the most part, it is a large pile of sugar.  Even the healthier cereals have a ton of carbohydrates.

Why do we crave sweets through out the day?

We start our day with a large bowl of cereal which has tons of sugar, subsequently our blood sugar rises for a period of time and then crashes below the level it was previously.  This causes our body to freak out and demand sugar in the form of cravings.  So we grab a snack which starts the entire process all over again.

All is not lost for cereal.

The reason that cereal starts you off on the wrong foot is that it is unbalanced, meaning that it is mostly sugar and nothing else.  If there was something to balance the sugar in the cereal, our blood sugar would not rise as dramatically.  Fat and protein are great for slowing down the absorption of sugar and therefore preventing the spike in blood sugar.

Adding toppings to cereal can balance sugar content.

There are a lot of options for adding protein and fat to cereal.  One of them is TVP or textured vegetable protein to cereal.  TVP is a soy based protein thatvpt is crunchy much like grape nuts, but has very little flavor.  It can be put on cereal as a topping or mixed in with oatmeal before it is cooked.  Another good option is flax seeds, these little seeds provide the all important omega-3’s and also help to balance the sugar in the cereal.