There are few things that my wife and I argue about, but one of them is where I store my basketball shoes after a couple hours of running up and down the court sweating profusely. I have tried a number of treatments in the past with no success, but I recently came across a natural treatment that seems to have some merit. My mom (the only other person that I have argued with regarding my feet) recently found this idea in an orthopedic text and passed it along to me (I am sure it was more for my wife than myself).

Smelly feet are caused by the bacteria that love a warm, wet and dark environment. In order to stop the odor you need to stop the bacteria that cause the odor. Black tea contains high levels of tannic acid which, at high levels, kills bacteria at the source. If your experiencing stinky feet, try these few simple steps and they might even lead to a happier marriage:

1. Use two tea bags per pint of water
2. Boil for 15 minutes
3. Add two quarts of cool water
4. Soak your feet in the cooled solution for 30 minutes (bring a book or magazine).

Follow these step each day for a week and repeat as needed.