High-Fat Diet, Low-Fat Diet or Neither?

There are three groups of nutrients which are protein, carbohydrates and fat. Unfortunately the last of the three has the same name as an unflattering name for someone who is overweight or fat. It should come as no surprise that we would associate the nutrient fat, with being overweight but is that association justified? Whether [...]

Should you give your kids Vitamin D in the winter to prevent colds?

by Bryan Bingham DC, DACRB It has been shown that low level of Vitamin D in the body can increase the risk for viral upper respiratory infections (URTI). It would stand to reason that supplementing with Vitamin D would decrease the frequency and durations of viral colds but it is uncertain whether or not this [...]

Diet and Exercise Habits of Clinton and Trump

  With the 2016 Presidential Election drawing closer and closer, let’s take a moment away from all of the controversy surrounding these two candidates and take a look into their diet and exercise habits. If elected, Donald Trump will be the oldest person ever elected to the office at age 70, followed right behind Hilary [...]

Is Chocolate Realy Healthy for You?

We all love to hear about studies that validate the health benefits of our favorite vices, especially this time of year when our favorite temptations are at every turn.  If your Christmas list includes lots of chocolate this year, you might be interested to find out that there are some studies that have found specific [...]

Why Supplements Don’t Work

It seems that just about everyday there is a study that comes out that proves a supplement or vitamin is not effective and their studies are correct, at examining what they have set out to test.  For the most part scientific studies are reductionist, they take something large and attempt to break into to smaller [...]

Week 2 – Total Detox Tea Giveaway

What is better than a great cup of tea on a cold day? Well, there are a lot of things that are better than a warm cup of tea, but how about a warm cup of free detox tea? To celebrate National Chiropractic Month we are giving away a box of our Total Detox Tea.  [...]

Butler Presents – Food Con lll

Center for Urban Ecology, Harrison Center Present FoodCon III Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology and The Harrison Center for the Arts present FoodCon III, an unconventional convention celebrating the art and culture of food in Indiana, from 5-9 p.m. Oct. 5 at the Harrison Center, 1505 N. Delaware St. This year’s FoodCon centers around [...]

People Absorb Less Calories From Almonds

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people absorb fewer calories from whole almonds than originally thought.  Researchers evaluated the amount of calories that were absorbed by the participants and found that they absorbed about 75% of the total calories in the almonds.  This study was only performed using whole almonds [...]

Katie’s Kitchen – Yellow Thai Curry

This month’s newsletter, we focused on iliotibial band syndrome (ITB Syndrome), and seeing that it causes such inflammation, I wanted to think of a recipe that would include the most anti-inflammatory spices in it. Twelve spices with very high anti-inflammatory properties are: ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, cardamom, chives, cilantro, cloves, garlic, and [...]

Flu Vaccination… Safety, Effectiveness and Alternatives

Flu influenza spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics which slows down our busy lives and results in 250,000 and 500,000 deaths every year! Typically occurring between October–March (for our area), the flu outbreak typically coincides with flu vaccinations being pushed at us from all angles. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about getting the [...]